American Airlines Arrivals Lounge, LHR


6:30am to 3:30pm

Airlines Services

American Airlines
British Airways

Access Rules

First class or Business Class long haul ticket on British Airways, or American Airlines.
Emerald status in OneWorld.
No guests.

The Lounge

A smaller, but with all of the key components in place to make a very nice arrivals lounge after your long long flight from wherever.

After immigration in Terminal 3, outside the bags pickup area, is an elevator (there are a couple of signs to get you close) that will bring you to the lounge level. That arrivals area is a zoo 24/7 though, so it's a fun walk with your bags regardless going to the lounge or just exiting.
The gate keepers and shower assigners, and they are delightful people The main area of the lounge, dining seating some workspaces No tv and off the main area so you might gather some sanity I imagine
Primary set of workspaces and another room And if you need a really secluded place to discuss strategy with your co-workers on the days activities


Here not only can you hit up that buffet, but you can have table service ordered food. You have to scan the QR code at the table and order it up.
Ready food, if you are just looking to grab and go Drinks and snacks! And Drinks and treats.  The foil wrapped chocolates are devine
And if you have time?  Which I did because... I took the time, individual ordering Looks delicious, well, I removed the chives the second after I took the picture (YUK!)


The showers are a large warren of hallways to many many of them (over 20) and there is a pressing service for your shirt while you shower. More room than British Airways rooms have, and a bit more comfortable in ceiling, tempature, and smells.
Pleasing arrangement of amenities, light an airy More space, easy to turn around, my bags are not even close to in the way (well I stashed my big ones in the storage by the front desk) I have never heard of this brand, it was decent, and did the job


Having visited British Airways in LHR, Cathay's in HKG (this one was pretty bad and now it's gone, not really a loss except the free bag storage) and this one, I have to say this is a good lounge. It's not super luxury but it's really designed to get you ready from your flight and on your way into London. Coffee, Tea and Breakfast, and then a shower? Yes, I'm pleased.

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