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I have had many requests on flight problems, places to go, and how to book the cheapest, or nicest way to a location. So now, I thought I'd just make it easier. I'll do my best to help you out if you have problems, but be known, I'm not able to do miracles, just I have a lot of experience navigating the travel world.

smuggling weapons internationally: John Lee on 2021-01-01 16:15:24.0
My name is John.... John Lee. I'm an assassin from Hong Kong and need your expertise on how to smuggle a variety of weapons from Hong Kong to USA, you were highly recommended by someone named "Muk". I also heard you caught the "Rona"... Hope you feel better, perhaps next time you should listen to your wise and all knowing friend "Ozzy" and take better care of your aging system(s). Oh...and Happy new year! Yours truly John Lee
Rob on 2021-01-01 17:35:51.0 Response from Rob
 You are hilarious... Such things are better left to state actors and their ability to do so with diplomatic bags.
Emirates Air Travel: Dave on 2020-06-23 14:20:23.0
I am hoping to travel to South Africa in December. I am debating when to buy the airline ticket, now or wait till later in the year. How do I determine if Emirates offers a refundable ticket? They offer a ticket extension or voucher for Covid 19 related issues. Nothing for normal travel that I can find.
Rob on 2020-06-23 14:27:14.0 Response from Rob
 Dave, When you are searching your trip, like Chicago to Dubai to Johannesburg (after August when flights seem to be going there again), you'll see options for "Economy" and the prices. Underneath each class there is a V - arrow. Click on that and you can see Flex and Flex plus. Flex plus is fully refundable, but about 3 times the price. Example. $1535 for Flex Plus, where it's only $689 for Flex. Flex is a $200 refund fee, in this example, you're money ahead if you book flex, then if you have to cancel, lose that, vs almost $1000 more per ticket for Flex plus. I hope this helps you.
South African Visa's: Rod on 2020-06-04 22:19:01.0
Hello, my partner and I are traveling to South Africa over Christmas for an Indian Ocean cruise. I am trying to determine if I need any Visas for entering the Country. Are there any good sites out there?
Rob on 2020-06-04 22:40:33.0 Response from Rob
 The best page I have found for this, is the wikipedia page, right here!. I use this one myself, all the time.
Private Flights: Michael on 2020-06-01 21:06:34.0
Do you recommend any particular private small plane companies for chartering a flight? Fry
Rob on 2020-06-01 21:25:45.0 Response from Rob
 Michael, Hi, I don't personally use private jets, but I have looked into them a lot and have friends who have utilized them. They like the Empty Legs flights when a plane has to go back to a city from a oneway trip, like which looks at a lot of companies. A booked private flight usually is $5000 an hour so Minneapolis to Vegas for a 10 seater would be about $3000 a person for way beyond first class service.
Looking for best flight: Lana on 2020-05-31 15:52:03.0
I'm looking for a good price on a first class ticket from MSP to Miami area in July. Thanks for your help!
Lana on 2020-05-31 22:02:13.0
 Thanks so much. I booked a weekend. I hadn't considered flying to Fort Lauderdale instead.
Rob on 2020-05-31 15:59:42.0 Response from Rob
 Lana, I found several to Fort Lauderdale (it's about $36-$40 from Miami on Uber) in the $500 flat range on Delta. Miami itself is a $150 more, personally I'd go into Fort Lauderdale.