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Courtyard by Marriott Phnom Penh

Needing a place to stay for a wedding in Cambodia, I did a search for Hilton and Marriott properties. The only one that even showed up was the Courtyard Hotel. That really helped me narrow my choices, let me tell you. Courtyards are a select service type hotel, so that means they typically don't have things like a full service restaurant, or a concierge, or other things you expect in a big grand ole hotel. Well, as I stayed here, I noticed that it was much much more than I expected.


I had a ride arranged, but the driver's birthday was the day before and he got hella drunk, so was unable to collect me for my 9:00am flight arrival. I grabbed a regular cab ($15 flat rate to city center) and well, it looks close on the map, doesn't it? That map does not account for Phnom Penh traffic in this view. It took an hour to go those 6 miles. Now for the love of god, do not drive yourself in Cambodia. It's a level of insanity involved and precognition is needed to not die. I did it one time in my life and that was enough - I will never again. Also, do not get a tuk tuk, get an enclosed cab, and when you arrive at the hotel with all your belongings still with you, you'll thank me.

The Room

I think I had booked a regular queen, but was upgraded to a corner king, which had some really nice views, and well, it was the largest room on the floor. Since it was still in the morning and many hours before regular check-in time, I wasn't going to push my luck.
It's very hot out in the hallways, only the rooms are cooled Big room, if only I had time to wander drunk and not bump into anything
Huge bathroom, again way beyond what I feel is normal
Never heard of this brand, they were neither bad nor memorable


The Mekong is the main restaurant, with full breakfast and evening service. The Lounge at the lobby level is a bar and kinda bistro with indoor/outdoor dining. The Pool bar is a bar, by the pool (what a surprise) and the Deck is actually on the roof of the roof, and is the rooftop bar. So already you can see this is not your average Courtyard.
Buffet! I had eggs, noodle broth, pastries, well, I expanded my palette this trip
Fairly popular at night Outdoor dining linked to the Lounge At the top, in the heat, the Pool Bar (with an interior area too)
Kinda hidden way to the rooftop bar The rooftop, pretty grand at night looking east over the Mekong

Executive Lounge

Ok, this is not a full-service property, but yet, here we are, an Executive Lounge. I have no words. This is so outside the brand standard (on the higher end) and unique that I had difficulty wrapping my head around it.
Local type food for breakfast mostly.  The buffet at The Mekong is included in the access Cozy spot
Where I was able to work until my room was ready (nice perk being able to wait it out in the lounge)


Pool deck, Gym,
Not super big, but I think it's designed for lounging mostly Very functional gym for Rob's needs
Looking east, the water is the Mekong River that eventually goes to Vietnam
Looking south into the sunrise over the growing city of Phnom Penh


The quality of this hotel versus other Courtyards I have stayed at is messing with my reality. This was so far over the top, I do not understand how it's not a full Marriott. It defies my understanding of the brand levels, and Rob used to work in the corporate offices of a worldwide hotel chain.

That makes this hotel an exceptional bargain in my eyes, and it's in the heart of many things in Phnom Penh. Public transport is horrible so you still need a cab or driver, but flat rate is around $3 in the city.


Rochelle S. - 2023-03-15
Absolutely love a pool with a view! This property is pretty impressive with all the bars and lounges on site. Thanks for sharing!

Rob - 2023-03-15 From the Real Rob
Awesome, I so glad you liked this post. The place really surprised me!

Rob - 2023-03-15 From the Real Rob
What else was astounding was the super low price!

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