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Double Tree Cedar Rapids

I attend a World War II event in Cedar Rapids every year, and last year I had gone for a drink at the bar at the Double Tree Cedar Rapids which was a very nice place, so I booked a room in it for this year's stay hoping it was equally as nice.


I drove south down I-380 past the speed trap cameras and to the downtown exit. The streets around the hotel are kind of a mess, and I would have been better served taking the 7th Street exit when coming from the north.
The lobby common areas

The Room

Since this is a convention hotel and I believe designed for a lot of occupancy, there weren't a lot of options for upgrades, especially with my son bunking there too. Rooms with two beds in a suite are fairly non-existent.
Decent room, I was at zero risk of bumping into anything going around the bed Most rooms are the same, and this being the top floor of rooms, had a couple of suites, but the rest of the floors do not Right next to still active tracks, there is train noise at night, and it can be a bit loud at times on the north end of the hotel
Not super tight but not a huge bathroom A vanity that is basically out in the room.  I found that a tad uncomfortable but I cannot put my finger on why

The Restaurant

350, the top floor restaurant and bar is pretty nice. The food for breakfast was hotel standard, pancakes, omelets, American breakfast, French toast. The items I have come to expect. The dinner was a little more imaginative but I had to have wings, because... yeah, wings!
You can eat here, full service, and watch the terrible Iowa drivers crashing on the interstate out this side.  No lie An excellent bar!  Great drinks and a very nice space to enjoy them in with views of the city
There is a pantry/market place where you can buy snacks, toiletries, ice cream, soda. A mini-convenience store.
Haagen-Dazs!  Mmmm


They have a gym with two rooms and a pool on the third floor by the conference rooms.
Decked out gym, with cardio and weight devices.  Space is a little cramped though for free exercise people Apparently the pool is not used a lot in the summer, nobody was here
Being attached to the main convention and event space in Cedar Rapids, I feel it was mostly geared towards that. They do have their own event spaces, lots of smaller rooms, and the ballroom on the top floor.
Right out the 3rd floor (which has a lot of smaller spaces) is the entrance to the main convention center
Seems this was pretty busy and they were even setting up another event on Sunday morning


I believe this is the best hotel in town. The bar is the real awesome spot in this one. The rooms are not bad, just nothing super special either. It's really the spot to be on evenings when an event is going on at the Power House event center.

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