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Hilton Tower Bridge

When I was in London for some engagements in Whitehall (seems I am doing this a lot), I was popping about hotels that were affordable from day to day. In spring you'd think nobody would be mucking about, but I guess I was wrong and rates were all over the place. So I found the Hilton Tower Bridge for a weekend stay that was pretty reasonable, and it was in a good location so I was glad to have found it.


Oh, the arrival... I was coming down from the Hilton Kensington, on the bus... with my bags. It was an adventure let me tell you, it got crowded and I had to transfer. Then I didn't realize there was nobody at the stop by the hotel and I had not requested the stop so it blew by until it was on the north side of the river. I said "Ok, screw it (or something much worse) I'm taking a damn cab" and then took a cab back there because it was just too far to walk with bags at that point. Learn from Rob, request the stop!!!

The Room

So... I was upgraded to an executive room (the same room but on a different floor, again I feel it's a meaningless upgrade) but, it was full on USA sized business room. This was a nice thing about this hotel for sure. I could breathe!
Great room size for England.  Very easy to navigate Nice desk for those who work, but Rob was off that day!  Yeah! If you have to ask... just assume cans are £5 and the booze is £9.  Yeah, not worth it
Good sized bath, I did not have to close the door to use the shower, so actually better than most business Hiltons Separate shower, it was hot, and powerful and great for the next morning when I seriously needed it after the drinking (see below)
Same as most, but on the top floor.  Pardon my enthusiasm

The Lounge

As with many hotels outside of the USA, this Hilton has an executive lounge and my god, it was PACKED on a Saturday night (that it was even open was astounding) but it did a really nice "happy hour" service. My advice is get there early and claim your seat. I offered for other people to join me because there was no other place. They were appreciative.
Functional assortment for mixing or drinking straight.  I wasn't disappointed by it Good wide variety of evening snacks, even picky Rob was able to get his fill Not a lot of space, so yeah, early arrival is a must


There was a gym. Um, yeah, this one was too small for Rob. But then again I wasn't on my current regimen at the time either. There is a lot of event space too that I didn't photograph. I dunno why I skipped that.
Looking south into Southwark The Shard, it's super close and has an excellent high up bar


So there is the hotel restaurant with bar and a distillery, which is pretty cool. But the real interesting thing is Two Ruba which is like a table service night club and it was packed. As a guest, I got preferential seating. It was not a cheap evening though.
Very nice bar at Two Ruba Very nice drinks, with company And your loungey seating, this was really an awesome place to get so hammered I barely made it back to my room
1751, where breakfast and dinner are served (the lounge did not do breakfast service at that time) The breakfast buffet was worth it though (ok, included in my access to the Executive Lounge) Fairly good amount of seating but even then, it was crowded the next morning!
The distillery with classes and abilities to mix some unique things My kind of people


A consummate business Hilton, but in London. Spacious with an astounding bar. The lounge must have been able to be purchased here because so so many were in it. I'd say this is a toss up. Might be just as good getting the breakfast yourself and going to the bar for a long long and well, checkbook impacting evening.

I did like the property though, quite a bit. Easy walk to The City, or the Bridge, with good views.

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