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Hilton London Hyde Park 2022

I was finally able to reasonably get back to London in March of 2022 based on their new rules at the time for fully vaccinated individuals, to attend some events for International Woman's Day with some institutions I belong to over there. It was a long trip and I was rate shopping hard core, and the first few days I found a great location and great price at the Hilton Hyde Park. Very close to where I wanted to be, and well, having an underground station in the building was a super bonus.


I took rather long jump of flights across the USA to depart from JFK to Heathrow and then, due to a lovely strike by the workers of the subway system the day I landed, I was relegated to taking the express train to Paddington Station (this was in the end a blessing! The stairs in the underground are a huge pain with large bags and it was actually easily walkable from Paddington to the hotel).
I arrived around 10am at the hotel, and they had my room ready. I was able to get setup and actually working for my company in the USA on regular hours. The staff here is quite excellent. The lobby is on the ground floor and easily accessed, although at busy times it will be very crowded.

The Room

The room is a cute, cozy, quaint, but a quintessentially small European room. Fine for one person, and for two, well, if staying for a weekend I think your stuff will all stow away nicely and hidden.
Big king bed, fits in the room with some imaginative bag and furniture placement Excellent shower, and the bathroom did have good space in it, not the typical cramped, everything slammed into to fit type Pretty vanity, standard Hilton bath amenities (don't take these with home in your bag, they leak when pressure lowers in a plane)
Better than a normal room, Nespresso system for your morning wakeup My desk.  It was functional and had the space I needed While this was an upgrade from the room booked, there are not a lot of American sized rooms available
The view was kinda nice, not directly facing the park, but as the room was on Queensway (the side street) and had bay windows, Hyde Park was readily seen.
The Park and Bayswater Road in front.  Easy access as an entrance is right by the hotel also

Food and Drink

The onsite restaurant, Aubaine, styled after French countryside dining has great food, an amazingly beautiful bar and intimate lounge. They hit the spot with me on these!
So much like an easy-going French location.  The food also reflected this No prices since the breakfast was included in my package (ok, by being a Diamond) They do know how to cook here, so much yum this breakfast was
Beautiful space, just visually and portion-wise about perfect The comfort and intimacy in the lounge of the bar, this speaks to me

Event Spaces

There is an event room. I wasn't able to see it but it's there if one has that need. This hotel was not setup for that type of function though.


Elevator lobby and stairs, segmented away by a room space that closed.  The soft lighting and design are so boutique feeling The elements of decor are consistant and very understated but elegant nonetheless On the 1st floor (not 2nd floor, they measure differently in Europe) above the lobby are these beautiful seats.  If they only served this area from the bar, it would be a spot not to leave


A very nice 4-star hotel. This is the type of place that one would bring their better half for a time away in London (a little "in the city" vacation) and enjoy the romance of the location and the intimacy of the rooms.

The food and drink offerings are awesome and the location is very hard to beat when the underground service is running. Being on a major thoroughfare there is a ton of bus service, and taxis abound. Think about purchasing a room with breakfast included.

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