JW Marriott Chicago, 2022

In February of 2022 with the pandemic still in full go mode, I found a screaming rate at the JW Marriott Chicago for a few days during the week, so I purchased a flight and went.


I had a very early morning flight into O'Hare and collected my luggage, then onto the subway ($5) for a trip to the Jackson Street stop and walked 2 blocks down Adams to the hotel.
Originally a 1911 classic revival bank building, they converted the interior into a hotel in 2010. It was still only 9am, and I wasn't expecting a room to be ready, but it was. I was sent off to the lounge for breakfast that was still being served. This was quite a nice surprise.
Vertigo much?  I am very pleased with this picture

The Room

As a lifetime Titanium, I was able to wrangle a corner suite. I had stayed here before in 2011 when I didn't know much about traveling and did not have a great experience. This time it was a difference of night and day.

The suite is massive, with a guest bathroom, huge living room and wet bar. The work desk is also in the living room. A small alcove leads to the bedroom with an extravagant amount of unused space.

Unassuming for the luxury withinThe guest bath.  I prefer to use this one for very unpleasant needs and keep the main one a little nicer
I didn't use the couch once.  Shame on meNice, relaxing, comfyUseful for those in-room cocktails and early morning tea
Very large, very pleasant, I slept wellAnother cozy reading nook
The bathroom is... well, crazy big with two vanities, a makeup area, a huge central tub, toilet room and shower.
The separate area to the right for all your stuff is nice and keeps the sink freeWith how sore my back was by the end, I should have utilized this tub for a long soak, but it just didn't cross my mind at the time.  You guys should remind me to do this stuff!
My favorite brand of hotel products, alas, they were out of the shampoo
I almost missed the walk-in closet, like smack me because it is HUGE.
Very large, you could dress in here, but it's not really like a dressing room layout
And the view from the room, well one of the directions. Yes, pretty grey.
But, I did make sure to get some color in there

The Lounge

So I have had some good and some bad experiences with JW Lounges in the USA. I was reserving my judgement, and not getting my hopes up but when I got in there, well, it's pretty amazing, like almost Asia level good which is a high compliment for a property in the states.
Long loungeA little more private on the far end from the service areaSit back and enjoy the large TV
6am to 10pm, get your coffee or tea or look at all those sodas!
Many options for breakfast food (the turkey sausage though, not a fan)Rolls, breads and pastries, a nice alternative to all the proteins
They serve dinner time appetizers with happy hour priced drinks during 5pm-6pm. And after that, desserts!
While labeled an appetizer service, let's be realistic, you could do a light dinner here, and I think they expect itBoth of these were astoundingly flavorful.  They change nightlyThe pastry chef here is amazing, these deserts were all winners


The hotel has a spa, gym, pool, restaurant, bar and tons of event space. Which now I detail with photos below!
Large gym with everything I have seen in one all here
100lb dumbbells?  I'm feeling a little inadequate at the momentNot super large, but warm, clean and doesn't smell like a chlorine bathThis one does bubble, fairly elegant implementation
The main restaurant of the hotel, but I did not utilize it with the lounge being openWhere I had wings, because... that's what I do
Huge room, some local event going on that dayThe smaller ballroom, but with these ceilings, I like it betterI'd like a serenade before my event
A dozen of these rooms throughout for more low key meets
Ok, so to clarify.  Many JWs do not have ice machines, you have to have a bag delivered, which is kinda nice service but there are times I don't want to wait, so... yes, ICE

Around the Hotel

Various interesting elements I found while wandering around the hotel that add so much to the atmosphere.
A key architectural feature they had to preserve due to the classification of the building as historialOriginal interior wood, very nice and well kept up
Attached, and in Illinois where you can purchase spirits without having to visit a liquor store if you wish, so I felt this was important to call out


As you know by now, I have a thing for JW Marriotts. This one is quite great and I'm having trouble thinking the Ritz is better after this stay. 5 stars easily. Amazing service, a complete amazing hotel with all amenities one could want or expect. While I have other hotels in Chicago to visit, I will be going back to this one.

Tips: Book a room that contains lounge access if you do not have Bonvoy status to get you in already. Call ahead to see what days they have the lounge open (generally only weekdays). Ask for an east side room, the west is right by the elevated track and the trains can be a tad loud.

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