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Marriott Minneapolis Southwest, 2021

I needed a break (and to hit 75 nights with Marriott for the year) and was searching around the Minneapolis area for a nice weekend stay. I had some criteria, like restaurant was open so that I would get breakfast for my status level. While searching I found the Marriott Minneapolis Southwest had a good normal rate, but on closer inspection had an unpublished "locals getaway" rate for even less. It also included 2 free drinks per night. Sold!


I drove up from rural Minnesota into the cities. This hotel is in a very wooded business park, that has a lot of crazy one-way streets. Make a wrong turn and you will rip your hair out.

There are signs for the Marriott though to guide you.
Pay attention and follow the signs Where you can sit waiting for your turn should the need be there
Additional seating and the front desk

The Room

I was able to upgrade to a very nice suite. End of the hall, entire corner of the hotel with a nice view of downtown and the business park.
Comfortable bed, the pillows were great Once again biggest room on the floor!  Yeah!
Great living area Good desk, tons of windows You can see the bed from the couch
Door open does not impeded space at all, which is ideal for a bathroom to me Tub and shower, and a lot of room
Pretty good shower - sometimes hot water was variant, but it didn't misbehave very long The new amenity brand Marriott started using last year; it's ok.  I liked the sandalwood smell of the older brand (which I still saw being used in Asia) Great view of Minneapolis


The Blue Birch is where you can get food and drinks here, and it's open for dine-in service. Full menu. Over many years, I had met friends here after work, so I was happy to see it open.
The center of food and beverage Outdoor seating is now ready for you (even if Minnesota weather is not!) Breakfast, served to me in the M lounge (I was the only one in there too)
Some good options here, the wings (of course!) are a good start And lots of drinks, that Franciscan wine was really good And then, on Friday night a non-menu special.  It was... ok.  Since I have eaten here several other times without flaw, I will consider this an off night

The Property

While it was definitely geared toward the business traveler, this one is a lot better than most business boxes I have stayed at. Also the M lounge was open! First exclusive lounge I have been in at a hotel since March of 2020.
The Club, and it's open Respite for the spoiled (usually that is me) While not the full regular service of buffet, it is a nice place to have your drink in the evening or your breakfast the next morning
And here is the best spot to have that drink
Maybe you can get a serenade on the way to your event Lots of event center space And socially distanced too
Somewhat meager, but you can print a boarding pass, so it covers the bare necessities for business travelers
And the gym, pool and other recreation items on property.
Ignore the fat man in the mirror Seems to have every item you might need for a quality workout
Not huge, but warm and open Ok, it's Minnesota, saunas are a thing


A very quality business hotel, and a great weekend getaway. The drinks and food are really good. The quiet of the hotel is absolutely serene. The grounds around it with trails and ponds and woods are also quite comfortable and relaxing.

Frequently there are great deals at this hotel on weekends and with the level of service they are offering, it would be a shame to miss.

For out of towners, the hotel is right on the limit of an acceptable cab cost from the airport. Parking is free though.

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