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Marriott Union Square, San Francisco, 2021

So I typically will variate between Marriott and Hilton now, depending on price and level of service available, and I was going to San Francisco to celebrate with former co-workers our mutual escape from the place we worked at together.

They were based in the bay area and I had not really visited San Fran, just traversed through it for a few years and made a decision to stay there.

After searching for a few days, the best price with level of service and options for upgrades led me to the Marriott Union Square in the heart of San Francisco and right on the cable car line.


I took the Bart Train from the SFO airport to the Powell street exit, then walked up the hill 7 blocks. My advice is get the unlimited rides card and use the cable cars/street cars extensively during your trip.
Pay attention and follow the signs

The Room

I was able to upgrade to a bay view corner junior suite (this is the biggest room they were running at this time). End of the hall, entire corner of the hotel with a good view of the bay, downtown, the heights, and well, a lot of things I don't know what they are called but I can see them from the 28th floor.
Down a semi private hall, so you can combine with the room next to you Coffee, fridge, small, but functional and removed from the rest of the room Bath Entrance
Large shower, lots of room, no banging your knees on the toilet or tub Decent sized vanity.  I see this being a tiny bit small for two people Bed and couch, along with windows.  Very comfortable space
The bench into the recess.  Being Mr. Traveler, I put my carry-on here with everything I needed for the weekend Fairly standard Marriott desk except it has 4 outlets in it! The view did not disappoint


Named simply "The Restaurant" it was open only for breakfast on the weekends, but since I was there during that time, you get to see me eat. The bar, bin480, is sadly closed right now (yes, yes, due to Covid, of course).
I rarely see donuts!  They were quite delicious The regular Marriott buffet fare for hot food, eggs - scrambled, bacon, sausage, potatoes
These were the best breakfast potatoes I have ever had.  I don't know what they cook them in

The Property

An inner-city property, space is pretty well utilized. A gym, no pool, Concierge Lounge was open with limited service.
Towels and water A very well-appointed gym, low usage at this time
Ah, yes, a lounge, and it is open! Take the water type you want, back to your room
Stunning view from the lounge


An above average business hotel, this is a vacation hotel too. The level of service and attentiveness of the staff was exceptional; I mean seriously at the top of my experiences in my travels (and we know by now I travel a lot).

The facilities, while with limited hours, were pretty good when open. The location was really darn good for my movement habits, being in the center of the world there. Splurge for a corner Junior Suite (I suggest bay view vs. city view).

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