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Doubletree Melbourne Australia

I flew from Sydney to Melbourne for one night just to be able to fly internationally out of the Melbourne airport and get access to the last Qantas first class lounge that I needed to complete all of them. Looking for rooms, I found a very reasonable rate downtown at the Doubletree on Flinders in Melbourne's river district.


I got in a lot more tired than I had hoped to be and it took a while to get my bags so I just hoofed it to the taxi queue. From there, it was rush hour, and the drive took about 15-25 minutes. (I lost track of time; I love having conversations with drivers in other countries) Despite the traffic, I was at the hotel before I knew it! I did my first real attempt at a virtual tour of the room, and it's decent, just not the quality and scope of the subsequent ones.
When I first came in, I was confused if the front desk was a bar, and where I should check in.  Turns out, it's kinda both

The Room

I had been upgraded to a high floor with a balcony and honestly after taking my photos (including the only chest level virtual tour, sorry), it was time for me to go to sleep and try to be ready for work at 9pm local time.
Virtual room tour, use your mouse or fingers to move around and see other rooms.
This was foreshadowing doom and gloom Well, at least it's the biggest room on the floor

The Restaurant

This was actually hard to get a shot of empty.  They like to drink late in this town Pretty good buffet, more than I actually expected Lots of items for the picky, and for me too!
It was a good solid breakfast


Ah, the cardio gym... er, the hotel gym. I could only do most of my workout here since it didn't have some of the equipment I needed.
Yeah, I did have a challenge finding what I needed in here.  Ended up being a light day


Doubletree Melbourne is a downtown shotgun style property. They did well with the space they had. There are some themed suites on the top (fourteenth) floor. I was on the 13th floor, and it was unlucky for me as I was bitten by a spider in my sleep, a poisonous one, but that's another story for another time.

Great location, near everything, quiet at night. Nice place overall.

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