Bali Indonesia

The Arrival

Flew to Bali with Malaysia Airlines, on a 737 in business class. It was only $100 more than coach, and actually gave me status accrual because of the fare code. It was a very pleasant flight, about 3 hours to get to Bali from Kuala Lumpur.

Stayed at the Ritz Carlton Nusa Dua, and you can look at that review there. I honestly spent most of my time at the resort except for one day I made sure to go out and about.

Took a day excursion around the south of the island. The first stop was the Kuta area. The driver dropped us off and then told us where I could meet him when I were ready, so I went out walking. It was swarming with tourists, shops, bars and souvenir stands. The streets are mostly very tight, and there are things to find at every corner.

I spent hours wandering around the shops and streets, coming across quite a funeral procession at one point, and then ending up at a modern mall. Then back to the beach for a while. This is where some public surfing without coral 2 inches under the water to shred you instead of you shreding.

After that it was a drive out to the Peninsula Island and the famous water blows. There was a music festival going on that weekend, actually it seems there are a lot of those going on here.

Then it was a long drive to the Ulawata Temple on the west coast for the sunset and the thieving monkeys.

There are dozens of them, and while it might be cute and they look curious, they are bastards and will steal your water bottle, your glasses right off your head, your flipflops off your feet, your camera, your phone, anything you set down, they are waiting, scheming, sneaking up behind you or the bigger guys, will just take it from you. There are people there who can help, they usually distract the thief with a piece of food or another item. If they are successful, tip them or buy one of what they are selling. They just saved you a lot.

When it was time to leave, I got to the airport way too early and Malaysia did not open their counter until 2 and 1/2 hours before the flight was scheduled to depart. They were not on time opening the checkin. Anyways, being first in line, I checked my bags, got my passes, and headed to Immigration and Security. It was again a breeze. Then inside, I found the elusive Bali Hard Rock. In the airport? Crazy. I shopped for a pin or two, then went to the Lounge. It was a third party lounge for Oneworld flights. They serviced a LOT of airlines.


Bali is paradise, and quite safe, being majority Hindu. The constant temps, the Indian Ocean. The congenial people. You would have to try hard to not enjoy being here, even in a bad youth hostel, you still can just spend most of your time on Kuta Beach enjoying serenity.

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