Tate Modern Museum of Art

An old coal fired powerplant with massive spaces was converted into an art museum. Opening in 2000, after a couple decades of attempts to make something out of the old station, it's the #1 modern art museum in all of England.

The Arrival - St. Paul Tube Station

I alighted the "tube" at St. Paul's station, and walked south across the Millennium Bridge, which conveniently heads right to the museum.

The Museum

The massive old turbine room has been completely cleaned out and is an immense space in the center of the museum, giving a sense of being an ant.

This place is so big, be prepared for a long time wandering the art.
I walked through I think all of the galleries that did not have a special surcharge to enter, and there seemed to be a theme to areas, but then again, I'm not really an art expert so I can't tell.
If the color and material remind you of something that happens once a month, you'd be dead on for the artist's intent I felt this was very earth or stone inspired This is interesting, a very mundane household item arranged in various positions in mass numbers, some open, some closed, and I dunno what it means but I did like being in the room with it
Lots of rooms, sometimes they are related, other times I feel they just had space to add another piece I think this is a socialist complaint
I liked how this one as I slowly walked by it changed based on my point of view
Then I came into a room-sized display that really struck me. A library filled not really with books. Each one has the name of an immigrant to England, implying they have a story behind them, and together they make a large portion of England's narrative.
So much impact on so many levels
I really have no idea what this one is about Even the building can be part of the art, those angles made me dizzy
Part of the actual structure holding up the museum, incorporated into performance spaces when times are less infectious
Then there is the cafe with stunning views of downtown London.


I think it's technically in the old City of London. Tate Modern is a free museum that even for a guy like me who has some arguments with what is called Modern Art, found many things quite interesting and some very moving (which is the whole point isn't it?)
Of course pictures of the shops in a museum

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