Munich, Germany 2018

Details of Munich can be found on this post: Munich, 2014

The Arrival

I have tried to hit the Christkindlmarkt in Chicago many times (once missed it by one day), and the one in Minneapolis, MN just isn't all that. Then one December, I was looking for a good flight for a status run and found a trip to Munich, the ideal spot to visit a Christmas Market, for $680 to visit for Saturday, so I packed bags to jaunt over.

I flew into Flughafen Munchen, which is just the Munich Airport. Customs was a little constricted in the "We're not Lufthansa" terminal with only 4 stations available and just 2 open. I got through pretty quick, having a leg up by getting off the plane from the front.

My bag was off the plane pretty quick and I took the train downtown so I could catch the subway to my hotel. That took a bit, and as I found out later, there is an express bus from the airport that stops literally a block from my hotel for 11 euros.


Everything you could want for a classic German Christmas experience is here. Wandering around with a Bratwurst and Gluhwein, checking out the stalls is about the most holiday thing ever I have done.
Best shot of the Marienplatz I could find to take, up 5 stories, in the corner of a dining area of a department store
Gluhwein - while deceptive in its spices, it's pretty damn strong Mmmm, grilled perfection with classic senf all over it.  Delightful
Lots of small items, as is traditional Many handmade items also abound Very festive, very Bavarian
Of course, this is what many people like to do with their time on weekends - Beer Halls. Classics that are the home of what many associate with the "true" German beer.
The grand daddy of German Beer, no other Deutchesbier can match their presence worldwide
At the Frauenkirche church, everything inside is kind of new because it got bombed pretty badly during the war.
Lots of important people in the crypts

The Evening

I went back to the hotel for a little light fare in the lounge waiting for my friend Oliver from near Liepzig to arrive. He was visiting friends nearby and was nice enough to drop down to Munich to hang out.
My friend Oliver, the better looking one on the left
Then we went back to the center of town to see some things that Oliver made me aware of as a native of Germany.
Home of the Bavarian state government If you look closely, you can see quite a few bullet holes from the war
Even if they ended up on the losing side of history, they still miss and honor those lost during the two world wars As the sun drops, the soft lighting of Christmas bring an almost magical quality to the market
Festive transportation


It's Munich - it is everything you imagine when you think Germany, and for the holidays, it's a great place. While there are many other markets around the country, the ease of access to Munich and its gothic charm make it tops on my list.

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