Wynwood Art District

In 2003, Wynwood's creative community was started as a collective artists district , mostly centered around galleries and art shows. The area eventually hit a peak of 70 galleries, 12 studios and 5 museums along with the Wynwood Walls, the area's current claim to fame.

The Wynwood Walls helped with a general downturn in the area in 2009, when it was commissioned by Tony Goldman, a local real estate investor and art aficionado. He chose 16 world famous street artists to come and paint buildings he owned in the area. Since this beginning, it has since become a museum unto itself.

As the gallery scene declined, leaving only a handful remaining, the street life and painting has continued to grow, covering at least a couple square miles if my sore feet and fitbit are any judge!

The Arrival

I took an Uber from my hotel downtown to the Wynwood district. It was about 9 minutes and I was dropped off right at the Wynwood Walls (of course... closed due to Covid).
My favorite 3 that I came across The mind that could fathom and then implement this impresses me greatly Wicked digital emulation
The Walls, from the outside
Most is visible from outside the gates Definitely very well done items in the Museum area
This creeped me out
Bit of history with a well-done tabloid-style protest art
Poignant in my humble opinion If you look close, you can see people memorialized
And pieces from all over, it's just everywhere and a new surprise at every corner, every street
Wait, what, no Prince?  Come on! This made me laugh Couldn't not look at it, but I still don't get it
Made me sad, but I don't know why Art outside, drinks inside?  Ok, now we are in sync!
Lots of tagging-style graffiti art Love the corners, the visual depth is much better than just across a street
Amazing street mural
Product placement is also a part of it Little shops and display areas all round the central Walls Protest is a common theme
Also environmental awareness is theming
Tucked away everywhere, keep your eyes open
There is a large sculpture art area east of the district on 27th St, but there doesn't seem to be a separation, things just are everywhere


Put on your comfortable shoes, and bring water. It can be hot! You will be on your feet for hours. Labyrinth walking, surprises everywhere, and I couldn't even find the end on the west side!

Bars, coffee, and food are abundant. Day drinking here seems like it would be a super fun experience. Car traffic was pretty light during my visit, making it easier to traverse streets for better views, but I can't guarantee that's always the case.

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