05-17-2021 - Hotel bonuses, maybe some flight stuff later

04-19-2021 - More travel news for this week, exciting headline eh?

04-12-2021 - Selective travel news from a guy with too much work on his hands lately

04-05-2021 - More travel news as I find it

03-29-2021 - The news of the week, spread out over the week

03-08-2021 - Weekly snapshot of more travel news that I find interesting, or helpful to you.

03-01-2021 - Airline news, a little bit of it, I'm tired this week.

02-22-2021 - New routes and service news for Airlines, a legend in hotels passes away and sexpats can get back to Thailand.

02-15-2021 - Pessimism, Optimism and hotel chains planning for the future

02-08-2021 - Masks, slow airline news and almost nothing interesting from hotels. February, yay...

02-01-2021 - Almost all airline news, with Delta killing it

01-25-2021 - Covid, Covid, Covid, oh, and Industry sees hope

01-18-2021 - Delta bans support animals, JAL cuts flights, new Hotel, Marriott extends status, FAA will jail unruly passengers

01-11-2021 - Hilton CEO weighs in, Britain locks down, Minnesota opens up

01-07-2021 - Emotional support Animal flight changes, new wifi on planes, new hotels coming online