Wings at the Marquette Hotel in Minneapolis - April 2021

The Price

The Cajun wings, which I ordered at the bar downstairs, were $12. They have a decent sized bar menu at the hotel, but exactly what you would expect.

The Wings

Sauced, but a tad drier on the coverage, they were still sweet, spicy (let's call them warm heat) and easy to eat. Not very Cajuny flavor but it was a good flavor overall. Very respectable hotel wings and above what I expect at this level of hotel. I would eat them more often than not, staying here.
Shiny messy and pretty delish


Good enough to go to the bar while in downtown Minneapolis to order, even if you're not staying at the Marquette. The bar is a great hotel bar, with good selection of spirits, but to be honest my only concern when eating wings is decent vodka for my signature drink.

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