Qantas Airlines First Class Lounge Melborne


4:30am to 12:15pm

Airlines Serviced

Qantas Airways
OneWorld Airlines

Access Rules

First class ticket on an OneWorld airline.
Emerald Status on OneWorld.
One Guest.

The Lounge

Having been able to visit all the rest of the Qantas first class lounges, I purposefully flew to Melbourne so my international flight to Auckland would grant me access to this particular location.
I had looked into the lounge a bit and knew it had a spa, but I was not sure of the size or arrangement of the lounge and how the seating would be. I was somewhere between "Ok, probably not Sydney but more than Singapore" and I was right! Alright, I've been doing this for 11 years at least, so my experience tells me a lot based on it being a home hub, the airline's quality, and other factors that you just pick up after a while.
Before I even got to the lounge, I was able to enter the airport via the first class check-in entrance, a room dedicated to spoiled travelers.
What's this? A line?  My goodness Sit down, personalized service is available for you

Dining Area

It's a dedicated corner of the lounge, but only about 18% of the total space. The windows are heavily tinted blue which gives an interesting aura, but makes it difficult for Rob to take good pictures of the area.
Dining area with more space than it seems And the standard of every Qantas first class lounge, the open kitchen Mmmm, breakfast
Benedict when Florentine was available, I don't know what I was thinking Yes, I was here long enough to also have lunch 8 hour beef brisket, Australian meat is super high grade, and competes with Japanese all throughout Asia
Anything you want, here it is, moments away

General Area

The general seating area
The full length of the lounge, with all that Qantas red Where Rob sat in the morning A feature of all the first-class lounges, a library with travel coffee table books
On this trip of 16 days I watched maybe 1 hour of TV.  This, I could not get into, in a lounge Business center and working seating.  I didn't do any here, for once Mechanical flight clicky board

Spa and Shower Facilities

First thing I did when I checked in was get a spa appointment, after breakfast but before lunch (Rob loves to have a lot of time to kill in a great lounge). Given I have been flying so much and my neck was a tad stiff (like a piece of oak) and sore, I opted for the shoulders and neck massage.

The spa is connected to the showers, but having just left the hotel I wasn't in need at this time.
Here we go!  Into the Spa My area of relaxation, which, btw, was a light touch massage but had an astounding effect on my neck


I had dreamed for years to get here, and via some luck, a little planning, and a bit of cash outlay for the particular flight, I was able to reach this lounge and enjoy all aspects of it before I flew off to New Zealand. Oh, yeah, I can bring a guest too.

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