American Airlines, Business Class Flight Dallas to Seoul, December 2017


Another time internationally I did not fly first class. Yes, in the USA, I do almost exclusively, but that is not the same as first or biz class internationally. American Airlines 787s only have Business Class for a premium cabin, but they do a great job.

The Seat

The seat is a business class pod with shared walls in the middle, singles against the window. 6 1/2 feet long, wide enough for one wider person to sit in it. It encompasses 2 windows that are electronically darkened and converts into a full length, lie flat bed.

Internet service lasts the flight (even in the Arctic Circle) at a very reasonable cost of $19.

The Cabin

The business class cabin is at the front of the aircraft, completely separated from the economy cabin. The traffic continues past you as the entire plane boards, while still situating your bag overhead and such. It can be a little crowded, but once you're in your pod you don't get bumped and have a private space.

Bathrooms are normal sized, but separated from economy. Movie stars are optional.
I slept pretty well, the cabin had air that felt less dry than most planes, and it was pretty quiet although the temp did vary a bit during and it was sweaty under the blanket.


The amenity kit comes in a very functional bag from Cole Haan that you will not leave behind. It is filled with Bigelow brand lotion, mouthwash and lip cream, a sleep mask, ear plugs, toothbrush and toothpaste, facial tissues, a pen, coupons for Bigelow products & Casper Mattress ($100 off), and wild socks. The bag is spacious and waterproof.


They offer juice, water, or champagne during the preflight service. I actually asked for a cocktail because I was rushed from my inbound flight to Flagship dining to this flight.


The food was just darn good. American seems to always get the beef dishes just right.


We prepared for landing 30 minutes before touchdown. We collected our things and disembarked. Incheon airport is huge, and it's a long way to immigration. The train to Seoul is also quite long.


While it is not first class, it is pretty high level of service. American has kept this consistently good for the 11 years I have been flying international.

It's not a cheap route at any time of the year. A business ticket is much more, but you can also save your airline miles and use them. It's a great way to travel comfortably. Asia is always weird landing hours, so it's extremely difficult to be completely ready there day 1.

Tip: If you book early enough to secure one, and you're traveling alone (the solo flier here), choose the single seats against the windows. DFW finally has an international lounge; use it - these lounges make the experience much more enjoyable.

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