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Sheraton Gangham, Seoul 2017

In December of 2017, I flew to Seoul, well because I needed to cap my status, and I had not traveled there before. 14 hours after leaving Dallas, I landed and began the journey of trains/subways/sidewalks to my hotel.


The Sheraton Gangham is on a very busy street, and walking from the subway to it with my bags felt like such a rookie move. If I go again, I will get a car from the train station downtown. I checked in and was informed there were no rooms available for upgrades (which I found suspect as there were upgrade type rooms available still to book on the website). Sometimes you will just find a property like that though, that doesn't want to, or doesn't check.

The Room

I went to the room, unusual from my experiences, a raised platform for the mattress-only bed, a shelf/desk along the side of the room on both the raised section and the lower area, so the floor to shelf distance was inconsistent. The bathroom was functional with a Japanese super "smart toilet" in it.

On the lower area was a sitting lounge kind of area, I guess not too small of a room, just odd to me.

The Club Lounge

As I've stated many times, the Lounges are a perk that make or break the hotel, and I get access as part of my Bonvoy status. The food was good, wide selection with many Asian options (this property gets a lot of local business).

The wine was complimentary, and drinks could be requested. I typically have a 1 liter of vodka with me anyway, and just grab some 7up and OJ from the lounge cooler to make my own. Overall, a very nice lounge.
thousands of Irelands


Since it was freezing, I didn't even bother to look for the pool or verify if they had one. The gym was a little sparse on equipment.


A decent 4 star hotel. Functional but not a "wow" experience. Rates are usually pretty ok here given the area (Gangham is very expensive). Room was - again, functional, just not inspiring.

Tips: Book a room that contains lounge access if you do not have Bonvoy status to get you in already. Don't go in winter!

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