Pinball Hall of Fame, 2021

Starting as the personal collection of Tim Arnold, an enthusiast and repair pro, he started renting space in 2006 to show his collection. He moved to a larger one in 2009, where it is now, and is completing a purpose-built location to house all 700 machines in full accessible view.


I drove down Tropicana Ave. It's on the north side, east from the Casinos. Not very flashy

rows and rows of diversion time fun

The Museum

Over 200 machines are set up spanning from the 1930s through today. Very interesting old pinball machines through the 50s where electronics were controlled by switches, cams, and wires.
Older games controlled the ball coming in, the moving parts were always able to be moved Because... I dunno.  Super simplistic game This one just looks fragile to me
In the 50s and 60s, baseball games were very popular This exact model was one I used to play a lot as a kid and it's just awesome.
More modern and unique machines litter the space (I use space sparingly, there is no extra space - it's crammed full)
1950s 1960s 1970s
Recent and very electronicky What does the inside look like?  A mess, that's what Look in the game, see how far it goes back, then look outside... it's actually a mirror reflecting down.  Cool illusion
I think they got drunk for the design of this one Shufflepuck baseball game.  Never seen one like this before Not your father's foosball
It cost more to build, less people played it, so they only made 2.  And they have one of them here
The collection moves into seminal video games that continued to affect the future of arcades.
Probably the game that created the most buzz ever, a key piece of evolution Hard to play until you mastered it, this was an early 80s homage to the new movie that had come out Gameplay evolved, almost limitless possibilities were at hand
This game, based on the movie, was where you could find me most of the time when I was a teenager A fun, challenging, visually stimulating game.  Also this one is combined with the very rarely seen Empire Strikes Back game


Summary? Go! It's SUPER fun, free to get in, just costs your quarters to play. Change machines and bill breakers are onsite. GOOOOOOOO!

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