Redrock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada 2021

Red Rock is an area inhabited by Native Americans for around 11 to 13 thousand years by various cultures (some unknown to us). Evidence of their occupation in the form of pottery, burn pits, and petroglyphs provide archaeologists the proof of their cultures.


It's surprisingly close on Highway 159 west of Las Vegas (you can see it from The Strip). Make a reservation these days, numbers allowed are limited.

The Canyon

As you get into the canyon and past the Visitors' Center, it becomes pretty obvious why it's called Redrock Canyon. Stunning high-iron content sandstone that rusted over millions of years create stark contrasts between strata levels. Mesmerizing.
T-shirts, hats, patches, walking stick medals, etc. Yes, why not, that's the only burro I saw that day
Looks like things are not that big Until you put people into the picture and you get the scale of these rocks soaring hundreds of feet high The red is so much unexpected
Panoramic of the primary red outcropping
Cutting a very striking contrast between the different layers of sandstone I don't know why they call this turtlehead; it doesn't look very turtlish to me It's a big valley
Panorama of the rest of the valley
Striking features of the cliffs, walls, and canyons make you feel like you're a thousand miles from anywhere.
The far side from the red rock Sandstone popping up all over Bases of red rock
Weathered walls More striking strata Weathered walls abound on the north
On one of the many, many trails is a way to see some of the ancient petrogylphs on the rocks.
Symbolism of gods?  Animals?  Mothers-in-law? Animals and markings of authorship (the hand prints).  Post 1500 as a horse being ridden is present
Not sure... but interesting nonetheless


15 minutes from Vegas, Redrock Canyon feels like pure isolation and backcountry with barely a modern element to be seen, really an awesome wilderness.

Supposedly also populated by wild horses and burros, I didn't see any of those. I did see cacti. That doesn't really count though.

Climbing and hiking for those of all skill levels, but you need to be prepared. This is a place you can die on a 2 hour hike in the summer if you haven't brought the correct supplies with you.

A great escape from the city and all that is "Vegas" if you know what I mean. I rather enjoyed this quite a bit.


- 2021-04-15
Very cool Rob! Dan

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